Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Son of Darkseid


My first ever Collect N Connect figure.

Ah, how sweet it was when I opened that Killer Moth, pulled out Kalaibak first, took a pre-connection photo, then assembled him for the first time. :P

This guy is simply awesome with 21 points of articualtion, same as all the regular figures. He's also the size and height of DCUC Clayface.

He (his left hand, rather) comes with his Beta Club that is almost indestructible and shoots nerve beams of pain! (Ok it doesn't really do that unless you imagine it.)

His torso also comes with a shiny green belt, as well as a sash that has a place for him to clip his Beta Club when he wants to cause pain with his bare hands instead.

I love how well he is painted too.

Check out the fur, hair, and face that only a mother could love!

Kalibak's ratings!

Character Accuaracy: 9.5 - He's big, he's bad, he looks real mad! (And bestial.) The colours are spot on, and I like how the red detail on his sash goes with the sash's yellow and contrasts with his outfit's green. I can't not love this guy! I should also get a spot as a judge on Project Runway! -_-

Poseability: 9.5 - His head, which has a massive beard, can't turn 360 degrees, but can still turn from side to side. And he can only hold the Beta Club in his left paw because of a clnched right fist--good on big figures cos you'll almost always want them in a punch pose sooner or later. ;)

Aesthetics: 9.5 - Kalibak is so ugly, he's beautiful. Take your pick of his fur, colours, or even teeth, or outfit--there's much to like about him. My only problem with him is a slightly lighter green on his left leg, as well as the same leg not being glued well at the seams. But the slightly off colour is not that noticeable and the seams can be glued back with Superglue.

So all-in-all a 9.5 overall. Great stuff if you can get him--Mr Miracle, Hawkman, Superman, Shazam! and of course, Killer Moth. Kalibak is worth every cent. :)

Here's a shot of my STCC Friday haul!

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