Sunday, August 9, 2009

DCUC: Gone in a Flash!

That is what has happened to the week...In fact it happens almost every week!

Between work and all the other things I have on on a week to week basis (including visiting the "flea markets" at China Square Central on Sunday), there is barely any time to actually open up and play with the toys I get!

Yes, I know. Hard to believe, isn't it? And then another Sunday passes and what happens next is that you'll have a whole pile of unopened swag that you can't get to. There's nothing worse than toys that you can look at but can't open. Argh.

But I intend to make up with it starting with this post and this guy:

I got him together with Shazam! more than a month back and opened him, played around/posed him and even snapped a few shots. After all he is to become part of my DCUC Magnificent Seven collection. But a week went by and I got Fans' Project Powered Commander add-on for Henkei Optimus Prime, DCUC Clayface, and Revenge of the Fallen Leader Class Optimus Prime. And those were just so fun to play with I had to review 'em first. ;)

But here's the Flash now, just in the nick of time as always. :)

Here's a bit of background on the Flash: there has been more than one person to assume the mantle of the fastest man alive, the most famous three (disputably) being Jay Garrick, Barry Allen and Wally West.

This figure is of the Barry Allen version. Check it out:

While Wally West is probably the most popular Flash to the latest generation of super hero fans (Since he appears in the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited Animated series), Barry Allen is no slouch either. 'Cos if you grew u p in the 80s and 90s like me, you'll remember this:

That's right, Barry Allen on the small screen, owning TV. Well at least for all of one season before he was cancelled, faster than you can say "Speed Force". I blame it on the suede muscle suit. :P

But that score sure brings back memories. Come to think of it, it sounds almost Batman-like...

So on to the figure!

It's got your standard DCUC 21 points of articulation and doesn't come with any Collect -and-connect parts. It does come with a figure stand, which helps when you try to pose the Flash running, which is like all almost all the time.

Not that this figure can't balance on one leg one his own--it can. Such is the beauty of DCUC articulation.

But if you want a more dynamic pose in which only the Flash can do "with flash," then you'll need that stand.

Now I love that he can do an off centre-of-gravity pose like that. But try as I might, I couldn't get him in a "full-flight" running pose.

Ok, kidding. Here's what I meant.

Though he doesn't come with any other accessories and has uses the standard DCUC mold, he does have a few nice details on him:

The eyes are done really well, as are the wings on his head and boots.

The Flash symbol is also very nicely painted.

But what I especially like is that they didn't leave his boots a flat yellow but washed them with a little bit of red-orange. Really brings out the character in the boots, dontcha think? ;P

So here's how I rate DCUC Flash:

Character Accuracy: 10 - Well done, Mattel. But then again, it's tough to get the Flash wrong. May be they could make him look like John Wesley Shipp? Ok, maybe not. :P

Poseability: 9.0 - Would be a 9.5 at least if he were any other character who isn't so, well, flashy. If there ever is a guy that ned his knees to bend more than 90 degrees and hips to go at least 180, it's this guy. But it can't, cuz the stand DCUC mold can't. Oh, well.

Aesthetic: 9.5 - Can't argue with anything here. Extra points for the wash on the boots. Glad that they got in all the yellow lightning without smudging any of it, especially the insignis. :)

Overall: 9.5 - Great figure, and a must have for the Magnificant 7! Now if only they'd make Martian Manhunter soon...

We're all waiting, Mattel...

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