Tuesday, August 18, 2009

DCUC: Rockin' Robin!

So the past weekend was the Singapore Toy and Comic Convention, which saw me add to my collection significantly (in quality at least, if not quantity).

And it all started on Friday when my cousin Byron and I met up for our regular 2-man toy/gaming power lunch. We'd decided to check out Xeno Hobby Works at Sushine Plaza down at Bencoolen Street (It's the white building sorta facing Paradiz Centre) because I'd found out that the sell loose action figures for cheap.

Well, Byron and I are currently on a DC Universe Classics frenzy, so we'd decided to take the hunt down to Xeno Hobby Works. And lo and behold, what did we find? Byron's lose Blue Beetle that he'd been searching high and low for, loose and complete at $18. That's like half the retail price here. As for me, I found Robin:

He wasn't top of my "To Buy" list but there was only one of him left and at $20, complete with Bo Staff, 2 Batarangs and a stand, was a steal.

And I also guess Tim Drake is my favourite of the 3 versions of Robin, like most others. Gotta also love the costume--it makes the most sense comepared to the others

Well, this is how I found him.

But he didn't stay this way for long.

The standard DCUC 21 points of articulation goodness in his teenage-hero-sized body (As opposed to the full-sized male body and female hero molds).

What I really like about this figure is his Bo Staff! I mean yeah, Batarangs are cool, but there are only so many throwing poses you can put him in before you get bored. And check out the detail on this otherwise unifrm silver painted weapon:

I love that they took the effort to put those 2 buttons there (The staff is supposed to be collapsable and equipped with an electromagnetic pulse, just in case).

Don't worry. The batarang also got some love. ;)

And what's a Batman sidekick if he doesn't use a little hand-to-hand combat?

And what's a Batman sidekick if he doesn't hang out with Bats to practice some Kung Fu poses?

His ratings!

Costume accuracy: 9.5/10 - Spot on! Even his hair is spiked exactly as he's drawn. :)

Aesthetics: 9/10 - Love the costume, love the face, but I thought the "R" insignia could have been painted better, along with the clasps/bucckles on the front of his costume. The cape is also nice painted.

Poseability: 9.5/10 - As good as it gets for this line. And the stand that comes with him allows for some otherwise unbalanceable poses. Robin needs those poses, so it's great that he got 'em! ;)

Overall: 9.33/10 - Solid figure, great fun to play with. And a definite must have if you've already got Batman (And who doesn't?!) ;)


  1. How tight are the joints on your Robin? My ab crunch is super floppy and his legs are like jell-o.

  2. Hey Thomas,

    Mine's pretty decent. The ab crunch isn't super tight, but it isn't flopping ard either. The only other joint that can be considered marginally loose is his right leg swivel. :)


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