Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Combat Heroes Bazooka and Zartan

I picked up these cute lil' guys at the usual Singapore Sunday flea market over in China Square Central--and for a mere S$3 apiece!  Aren't they cute? Heheh ok, I'll can't stop thinking that!  Ok I'll stop.  But they're cute, aren't they?  The wife-to-be certainly thinks so. ;P

Thing about these 25th anniversary GI Joe version Combat Heroes is that they cost quite a bit in package and are not that easy to find loose.  A 2-pack costs in the region of S$12 here, as opposed to their Rise of Cobra counterparts which are clearing for S$3 for a 2-pack.  The difference between the two?  Well, the 25th Anniversary versions have our fave Joes and COBRA dudes in classic uniforms, while Rise of Cobra is more well, movie oriented. Heh.

While this might be my very first (Super) Combat/Robot/Galactic/Hero (Squad) review, it's no means my first purchase of these guys.  I've got a whole bunch of them that look great in package.  I've just been hesitant to open them because of 1) lack of display space and 2) I'm gonna move in a few months so I really don;t wanna have to pack more than I have to.  But that's besides the point of them being toys.

So how do these guys shape up as toys?  More after the jump!

Like: That they are comic book/cartoon accurate and therefore colourful.  Their 'uniforms' are esily identifiable, their eyes, face, and heads have unique sculpts and paint from each other, and they look absolutely too cute for words. K, that's the last time I'll say that.  Really.

Like: That they may be only 2 inches or so in height, bt they have articulation!  In this case they both have 4 PoAs.  Some older figures have less or even not at all, and others have articulation based on their poses.  In general,  Hasbro have said they'll include more PoAs accross the board, so if this in any idnication, they're delivering so far.

Dislike: That these 25th Anniversary Combat Hero Joes are tough to find and thus expensive.  Why pay S$13 for these guys, cute as they are, when you can find Indiana Jones 3.75 inch single figures for S$3, and 2 packs for S$6?  Well, I guess that doesn;t qualify if you're not an Indy fan. Heh.


Aesthetics: 8/10 - They bright, they're colourful, they look like their "real" Joe counterparts, just shorter, fatter, and cuter.  There.  Said it again.

Poseability: 7/10 - Surprisingly, these guys can give you some pretty nice poses despite their lack of many PoAs.  They've both got: swivel head, arms, and waist.  True, certain limbs may be bent in a certain way, but I think it speaks volumes for the toys design when you move that bent arm/legs 90 degrees and you get a fresh and yet still natural looking pose.  Don't be fooled by their size, these guys are really dynamic!

Fun: 7.5/10 - One of these guys is quick, easy fun.  They work well in any place--the office, on your desk at home, on the TV top, or with the kids on the floor.  And the best part is you won't have to worry about breakages.  These things are made of a rubbery PVC(?)  so you'll be less likely to damage them.

Value: 7.5/10 - For the S$3 I paid I say too bad to those who didn;t find him before me--they are definitely worth it. For the retail of S$13 or more, I say pass.  Their good, but they ain't that good.

Overall: 7.5/10 - The real awesome thing about these guys in this scale is that you can literally have hundereds of them on display and they won't knock each other over like dominoes.  Yes, a hundred of them could actually fit into a single display.  They're pretty rare now on this side of the globe, but if you're a GI Joe fan like me, you'll at least wanna get your favourite character.  That's why I got these two, because my fave character is Duke!  Uh...yeah...and neither of these two is him.  So I guess I'm still looking?  And these two are like appetizer to the main course!  But Bazooka and Zartan are nonetheless still tasty, very tasty indeed.

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