Thursday, March 25, 2010

Iron Man 2 Comic Series 3.75" Classic Armour

I'd like to clarify: I've always regarded this red and yellow version of the armor as "Classic," while I called the silver tin can original version "First Appearance."  After checking and double checking, I realize that this is correct as far as I know.  I just wanted to point this out because lots of fans use "Classic" to describe "First Appearance."
Why is this guy called "Classic," you ask?  Well, I think it's because he wore this armor the longest (almost 50 years?) and upgraded it many times without changing the look.  Yes, boys and girls, this was before every upgrade got a different look, Hence "Classic."

Well, this will be my 6th review of the Iron Man 2 3.75 inch movie line and I have to say I've enjoyed doing all of them because the toys have been so solid.   But how does the Classic look and armor match up to the new-fangled sleek and sexy of the current century's Tony Stark?  Well, hop on over to Articulated Discussions to find out! ;)


  1. Hey Ewan! I've got a question for you, if you don't mind. I picked up a classic Iron Man from the Iron Man 2 line today, and I have to know.. how in the world did you keep your blast off base from toppling over? I can't get mind to stay up for anything! Two seconds, and it's gone, no matter how I balance it. I'm just curious if I'm missing something..

  2. @ Wes - Well, the good news is I didn't use any blu-tack or anything like that, so it works without that stuff.

    The challange I guess is to find the right center of balace for the figure and the stand.

    If you turn the stand sideways you'll see that it's sloped one way, so what I usually do is try to get Iron Man to face the same direction as the slope and point his toes so that the center of balance for the whole set up is more or less verticle. An arm of leg sticking out in the opposite direction might help, depending on the pose. Getting the fig in the centre of the blast off stand also helps a lot.

    So basically point the toes, centre of balance, and centre of stand. Hope this helps!

    (P.s- In some shots I do cheat a little by tilting the camera to look like the guy's blasting off at an angle. This is esp true for heavier figs like Iron Monger. ;P)


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