Friday, March 12, 2010

Iron Man 2 Movie Series 3.75" Mark III

This is one of the armours I just had to get because it's iconic in the movie continuity.  However, it's really just a red and gold painted Mark II.  Yep, it's the one which Tony Stark has to use to take down Iron Monger while running out of power and using his old arc reactor.

Taking that into consideration, it's got to be one helluva suit since he could still beat Monger on empty, but I think Stark retires it before even the start of the movie to come in May.

So we jump back in time to just before the Mk III got beaten to a pulp by Big Bad Obadiah Stane, shrink the armour down to 3.75" scale, and take a look at it in toy form.

Will it prove as kickass as in Iron Man I?  Can it match up to the fantastically detailed Marks I & II?

Well head on over to here at Articulated Discussion to find out!

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