Sunday, March 21, 2010

Iron Man 2 Movie Series 3.75" Mark VI

If you haven't read it already, the review for this guy is up on Articulated Discussion!  If you're eager to see what Tony Stark's new armor in the movie will look like 3.75" scale, then you'll wanna head on over right now!  But if you wanna have an even closer look, then you'll have to get the toy!

And why wouldn't you?  Why wouldn't anyone?  After the disappointment of the Mark III, how will this slick piece work from of Tony Stark's armory work out?

Strangely enough, I might not have picked this guy up if not for the Rangerlord, who said to me, "You'll definitely wanna get one of these" and I said that yeah, it's the latest in Stark Technology as far as the movies go.

I think the bio speaks for itself:  The Mk VI is nearly unstoppable!  So now we know who'll emerge triumphant in Iron Man 2!  Wha...You mean you knew already?  Eh?...Otherwise the movie wouldn't be called "Iron Man 2"?

Haha, well, I know one thing's for sure: this figure really makes me wanna catch the movie soon as I can--so many questions about the armor, but no answers till May!

For now though, I've got Iron Man Mark VI and all of its intrigues and mysteries!


  1. Tonight I purchased Ironman 2 Mark VI just like pictured above. However mine is slightly different and I'm wondering if Hasbro made a variant?There is silver on the upper arms and lower legs instead of gold and also on the rocket launcher. Can anyone help me with this?

  2. Hi there. Yes, Hasbro did make a variant. In fact they've re-used the sculpt many times now. But it seems like the version you got was the Target Exclusive that comes with a light-up base? If not, then there's also been a release with the exact colors you mentioned that comes in a 4-pack with Nick Fury. Hope that helps. :)


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