Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Iron Man 2 Movie Series 3.75" Iron Monger

Wow.  Is this thing a beaut or what?  I guess you wouldn't know unless you have it. Well, I was really looking forward to getting him because not only is he super hard to find, but he's also a plus-size figure.  And I love those.

I owe the Rangerlord big time for snagging him for me.  He managed to catch a local Toys R Us while they were re-stocking and spotted them.  I guess you could say he's got some mighty fine "stocking' skills.

Get it? Stocking?  As in 'stalking'?  Ok that was pretty lame...But ya have to admit he's a Rangerlord with top-motch hunting skills, toy hunting skills.  Get it? Ranger? Hunting?  Heh...Guess that was funnier when you said it to me face to face, Bro...

Ah, but what am I talking about?  Get on over to Articulated Discussion for the latest in my series on Iron Man 2 reviews.  Yes, it's Iron Monger!

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