Monday, April 6, 2009

7 Faces of Optimus Prime (Part 2)

What's better than getting that Optimus Prime you always wanted?

Well, having your girlfriend surprise you by buying it for you, that's what. :)

Funny story: We were about to catch a movie at Orchard Cineleisure. It was after dinner and we had time so we were window shopping (Or at least so I thought. ;P). So we wandered into the toy shop on the 2nd floor and I gushed at all the Transformers they had there, ranging from Binaltechs to G1 to Masterpieces.

And there it was, the Holy Grail of all Optimus Prime fans: Masterpiece Optimus Prime.

This is how the conversation went:

Me: OK that's like got to be the coolest Optimus Prime figure ever.

Gf: Wow.

Me: Yeah--it's got like his gatling gun, of course, and the energy battle ax from the cartoon, and a mini Megatron in gun form. And The Matrix!

Gf: Er...Matrix?...

Me: Ya! (...blah blah, explaining away The Matrix)

Gf: How much is it?

Me: (laugh) I dunno, $300?

Gf: No lah, where got so expensive? Lemme check...

Yup, turns out I was wrong--it was priced at $299. I can still remember the girlfriend's look of shock as I explained to her that it is pretty much THE Transformer that everyone wants, and that it was released some time back (2 yrs?), so it was harder to find in Singapore these days.

So she pointed to the one othe Prime that I was raving about as well--the Henkei Voyager Class Optimus--and asked how much that one was. It was $42. But I said I didn't want to get it 'cos I didn't want to spend so much on a toy, having already been really happy with my 1st Prime acquisition in 18 years (see previous entry ;P).

We left the shop and I think I had to visit the Gent's (I think). And lo and behold, when I returned, there it was in a bag in her hands. All for me. Mwahahahahaha. Drool. Slurp! You can understand why I forgot where the heck I went.

So besides the awesome way I got this guy making him fantabulous, I have to say that he's totally fantastic as far as Transformers or any range of figures, for that matter, go.

He's highly poseable. Bends at the knee and ankles, rotates 360 just above the knees, legs can be raised forwards and to the sides as far as his hip will let him. Waist and head rotate 360, arms as well, at the shoulder and elbow, which also bend forward and back. Yup, the arms are really flexible.

One thing I just love about the these new Transformers toys--their weapons are also part of their transformation. No more removing of fists to keep in the chest compartment, or dumping of the blaster cannon in the trailer etc. This guy's gun becomes his smoke stacks. Brilliant. He also comes with another cannon that becomes the spoiler/roof in vehicle mode. Or you can leave it on his back like a jetpack/shield as in the pics of him in robot mode.

And unlike the Universe 2.0 deluxe Prime, you couldn't tell that this guy was a Transformer if you saw it first in truck mode.

I also have to add that his light piping for his eyes are magnificent.

As far as size goes, he's your standard Voyager Class size, so he's about 6" inches tall. Just the right size for a Prime, I feel. Especially if you want to pose him next to the rest of the Henkei range. :)

So thanks for this wonderful gift, Dear. It's tied for my favourite with one of the other 7 Faces of Prime. (You'll see which one soon. ;P)

And thanks to my cousin, who if you read the previous post, you'd know was the one who was so enthusiastic about recommending this Prime figure to me. (pun intended ;])


  1. You're most welcome, cuz. Like the blog and will drop by often. In fact, if you're up for guest reviews, I'll be happy to contribute. Good that you got the Prime, even better that it was from your lady. We all need more of that in our lives ;)

  2. Great blog and photos dear! I'm glad you love the stuff I got you! =)


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