Monday, April 27, 2009


To say it wasn't a good day for Wonder Woman would be an extreme understatement.

After all, she was found dead yesterday.

Her body? Torn in two.

So the obvious question is: who did it?

Was it the jealous teammate in a cat fight gone wrong?

After all, it was Hawkgirl who found her at the crime scene in this state.

Or was it the crazed big-brained ape, arch-enemny of the Justice League and convicted criminal?

Yes, the evidence against the Ultra-Humanite seems overwhelming. Some would even say highly incriminating.

But sometimes the truth is simpler, and sadder than fiction.

Yep, I confess. It was I who tore Wonder Woman in half. But I swear it was an accident. Who knew that the mushroom cap in her waist joint was already partially torn?

Who knew she couldn't rotate at the waist? Ah well, 4 out of 5 working joints ain't bad. Or is it?

I guess the moral of the story here is this: When buying loose figures, always check that everything is working right. Even something as simple as a usually sturdy hip joint can sometimes be, well, unreliable.

Oh well. I just superglued her back. It's not like these Justice League figures are gonna be posing themselves to the top of America's Next Top Model.

The sad thing is, Wonder Woman was meant as a gift.

The great thing is, the gift is still greatly appreciated. ;)

Show Accuracy: 9/10 - WW's face and hair look exactly like the animated version of her.

Aesthetic: 7/10 - She's great to look at, but her paint apps could've been way better. There's even a spot on her chest that looks like i had be touched before the paint was dry. But somehow the face is paintd beautifully, especially the eyes. Go figure.

Poseability: 1/10 - Yeah, and this is before she got torn in two. Lol.

Overall: 6/10 - Buy it. Only if you're a die-hard Justiice League Animated/Unlimited fan.

Or you just have to complete your animated Magnificent Seven.

Or both, like me.

Go for the 7" DC Universe figures instead. :-s


  1. Ha ha thanks dear! I love it, especially now I know her 'history'! ;)

  2. Send 'er over to Doc Frankenst-... er I mean Toydoc (me) and I'll fix 'er up good as... er well, not quite mint, but maybe C6?

  3. Haha thanks, bro, but I took care of it with "a little super glue and a lot of luck." ;)


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