Saturday, April 18, 2009

No Bee? No Problem. :)

Especially when you can get Classics Universe Cliff Jumper for S$19.90!

Yup, I snagged him off a seller clearing his collection on, so thanks, dude!

I know he's not as popular as his yellow twin Bumblebee, but I what's one without the other? They make such a lovely tag-team couple.

Now I'll have to step up efforts to get Bumblebee (For a reasonable price, of course. Heh.)

Here's how I rate Cliff Jumper.

Show Accuaracy: 9/10 - When it comes down to Bumblebees and Cliff Jumpers, the head sculpt is the most important for me. And this one has it down pat.

Poseability: 9/10 - One of the main things about poseability is the feet. If they are large then the figure has a nice stable base to be posed on. And this guy has it in droves. The feet also point and flex, the knees bend about 70 degrees, but the bottom half of the legs rotate 360 degrees below the knee.

Oh and a note about his little jetski that transforms into his jetpack: he looks awesome with it on, but it prevents his head from rotating or looking up. It's a pity, cos his head poses real well!

Check out Clif Jumper taking big bad Megatron to the cleaners! :)

Aesthetic: 8.5/10 - Don't really dig his molded plastic the red. It's a little more orange than Henkei Prime's red, so I guess it helps differentiate them. His silver paint apps are ok in robot mode, but make him look like he's had paint majorly scratched off in vehicle mode. I'd rather they gave him some nice clean silver lines. But I still like that they tried to make him diffrent to Bumblebee, though. :)

Oh and he's also got an awesome Autobot rub symbol! Just like the good ol' G1 toys. :)

Overall: 8.8/10 - Great figure. Just wish he came with a weapon of some sort! But meanwhile, he'll just have to resort to beating up Decepti-baddies with his fists! (And feet, of course. ;])

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