Thursday, April 2, 2009

Big, Green, 3 3/4" Action!

For my first post ever, I present to you...The one and only Marvel Universe Incredible Hulk! (In 3 3/4" size.)

I got him off a local seller who brought a bunch of these Marvel Universe green and grey Hulk figures in, which is a good thing 'cuz they're rather hard to find here in Singapore.

The fan favourites of this line were snapped up fast from local Toy R Us's--Spidey, Captain America, and of course Iron Man.

But I never saw the Hulk on local shelves. So I got this baby (and the grey variant) from Singtoys off Props to you, man, for being a nice guy and giving me a great deal.

Funny thing is, the grey hulk is a variant, but I've seen more of him here than the green version. And Hulks cost more than the usual 3 3/4" dudes cuz of his weight, making his shipping higher than your Iron Man, Human Torch or Punisher.

I'd actually thought that he'd be a lot less flexible than he is, being Hulk and all with all those huge (plastic) muscles in the way. But I was pleasantly surprised at not only his flexibility but also his poseability. His hands both rotate 360 degrees, as does his head and torso (which also bends forward and back) as you can see from the first pic. His thighs rotate at the hip as well. He's got good knee-bend for a Hulk figure, and his ankles can make him pivot or point his feet. And he balances well too.

But what takes the cake is his paint apps. Boy, just look at those eyes: black pupils with green irises!!! Check out the detailing on his back in this pic:

Yup, and that's right. He poses real well with the X-Men Wolverine Origins brown and yellow variant figure!

I found Wolvie and his buddies at Robinsons for $15 and change. So if you're looking for Gambit, Sabertooth, and all the other versions of Wolverine, you know where to find 'em. :) I picked myself up a comic version Deadpool as well. But he'll feature in another entry with some other friends. ;)

But for now, I'm having fun re-enacting the 1st Hulk vs Wolverine meeting in the comics. So ok, Hulk was grey when the two first went toe to toe, but green somehow works better with the yellow on Wolvie. And who doesn't just love the Big Green Goliath? Just gotta love it when the Savage Hulk sics it on his fellow super heroes!

Hulk Smash!!!

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