Monday, April 13, 2009

Look Who's Joined in the Fight!

It's ol' Stars 'n' Stripes himself!

Look at him distract our favourite Big Green Monster as Wolvie attempts some facial reconstruction surgery.

Tsk, tsk. Hulk will simply smash puny men in tights. They should know better. Especially our favourite Super Soldier.

Or should he? I mean, he's got all sorts of fancy articulation in the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, chest, legs, knees, just below the knees (360 degrees there too BTW), ankles, and head!!! By the time he's done with Hulkiepoo, our Green Goliath will be twisted like a veggie pretzel.

And let's not forget that fancy-schmancy accessory of a shield. As you can see from the pic, the paint apps on it are simply briliant. The inside of the shield has a plastic clip on a hinge which fits nicely on the good Captain's wrist. But that's not all--the shield also has two elastic bands that allow you to let Cap hold his shield firmer. You'll just have to twist it around his forearm and hand a couple times. The bands also allow him to hold the shield in his left hand--even with an open palm! He can then hold a gun or a rifle in his right and go ahead and let Hulk make his day. ;)

The best part about the elastic--he can wear the shield on his back for those situations where he needs to execute some high-risk acrobatics! Yay Cap!

The detailing on the figure is also awesome, and like the rest of the series, the eyes have been painted on accurately. Now this is Ultimate Cap, so he's got the awesome belt on him, as well as some nicely painted scales on his upper body. The star on his chest has been molded onto the fig and then painted. Looks really great too. The only problem is that of those figures I've seen, the area of his cowl under his eyes have not been painted well and need touching up. Oh well, better under than overpainted.

Oh and I got this guy from one of the stores at CSC for a mere $15 bucks. Oh yeah!!

He flies off the shelves fast, so if you can get him for under $20, it'd be a good deal. I recently saw a couple at Novena Toys 'R' Us and picked one up for my cousin at $18--So hurry down to get 'em from there cos they've just restocked a small amount.

I realized I didn't give ratings for the toys I've previewed before my last post, so I'll give Cap's here, as well as Hulk's and Wolvie's:

Marvel Universe 3 3/4" action figures

Captain America

Comicbook Accuaracy: 9/10 - You can tell right away from the belt and lack of wings on his cowl that's he's Ultimate Cap. Looks perfectly like the character from the Ultimates 2. And the shield? Perfect size for him. :)

Poseability: 10/10 - Is there nothing he can't do? This line of 3 3/4 figs from Marvel are a dream to play with. I just love the flexibility of his torso at the hips and the chest. Makes posing him to throw the shield look too cool! ;)

Aesthetic: 9/10 - Looks great on his own, looks great fighting the Hulk, will look excellent leading a squad of G.I. Joes! (I can't the the idea out of my head now, Bro! ;P)

Overall: 9.33/10


Comicbook Accuaracy: 9/10 - There's just been so much of him in so many costumes/get ups. I mean there's even a naked figure of him in the movie 3 3/4" line! (Ok so he has metal wires and equipment covering "strategic parts." But he's STILL butt naked! :P) They could put him in a white singlet and jeans and people will still buy him. Oh wait. They've done that.

Poseability: 9/10 - Like I mentioned with Cap, this line of 3 3/4 figs from Marvel is a winner. But I do have to say there's a small difference in articualtion--Cap has 360 degree rotation just below the knee. This Wolverine doesn't.

Aesthetic: 8/10 - I have to say--Wolverine with his mask on just looks silly. But this brown and yellow is my favourite silly costume of his! And it definitely looks better than the butt naked version :P (Oh and he comes with a red samurai sword. What's up with that? Ha.)

Overall: 8.66/10


Comicbook Accuaracy: 9/10 - Green? Check. Purple Pants? Check. Muscle-bound? Check. Angry face? Check.

Poseability: 9/10 - I have to say, this is probably the most poseable Hulk I've ever seen or played with. He doesn't have 360 degree rotation of the lower leg, and his thighs suffer from being too chunky as do most hulks, but the upper body can rotate at the chest and waist like the 2 guys he's fighting. Plus, his arms can do pretty much anything you'd want a hulk to do, including hold another (smaller) 3 3/4" figure in its palm to smash. :)

Aesthetic: 10/10 - Just look at those gren eyes! Looks angry on his own, looks angry smashing, will look angry smashing a squad of G.I. Joes led by Captain America. What can I say? I'm a fan! ;)

Overall: 9.33/10

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