Monday, June 22, 2009

DC Universe Classic Superman Returns

Ok this week should be about Transformers, and Transformers only, but I wanted to do one last DC review before I let the robot fever hit.

So for my first ever DC Universe Classics 6" action figure review, I present to you Black Solar-regeneration Suit Superman!

Er...the suit is black. Not Superman. :P

That's right, mullet and all. Here's a little history about his costume.

This figure comes in a variant red and blue form, which is his regular costume, and has long hair as well.

Now I can understand this black suit version having long hair, what with the evil Cyborg Superman to take care of and all upon his return to life (in the comics), and his evil clone to dispatch in Superman: Doomsday (The animated movie).

I mean, he needs to save the world and doesn't have time for a haircut. Fine. But what about after? He uses his old costume again and resumes his identity as Clark Kent. Both have long hair, both look like middle-aged hippies, and both look a lot less cool than before. And it's a dead giveaway that both are the same person!

Hence, I got this black suited version 'cos it has a better excuse for the mullet than the variant.

This Supes is exactly like his DC Superheroes version: they share the same mould for everything except the head. There's 21 points of articulation but his muscles seems less defined in this figure. It could also be that the DCSH version was considered by some to be too chiseled, so they gave him a more "relaxed" muscle tone.

Which brings me too my next problem with this version of Superman. His face:

Now how neutral is that expression? To the point that he looks dopey all the time. I prefer the DCSH expression to this one any time.

Ladies and gentlemen, on the left, Superman! ...And on the right, Dean Cain!

The more I look at Black Suit, the more he looks like he's asking to get punched in the face. :P

Here's how I rate him:

Aesthetic: 8.5 - He's your base DC Universe Classics figure painted black and given a long-haired dopey Supes head. But he's still decent to look at, with the bits of silver here and there on the suit. They could've given him the silver solar pads on the arms and legs, though. But I guess that would've required more than just painting, so it got cut to save costs.

Poseability: 9.0 - Only because the chest hinge and the wiast swivel are too loose (Well, on mine at least). Also, minus the cape, he can't do certain poses without having a hard time balancing. And with that expressionless face, whatever pose he's in gives the feel like he's lost in thought. All the time.

Overall: 8.75

Lesson learnt from DCUC figures: When it comes to Batman or Superman, don't get them from this line. They're just not as aesthetically pleasing as the DCSH versions. Better faces, better washes and better colours. You're golden if you can score one of those.

Here's Batman exploiting Superman's dopiness (If you didn't know about their ongoing feud, check out The Man who killed the Bat and A New Bat in Town, first!):

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