Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ultra Magnus!

aka Prime Jr.,

aka (according to Grimlock in the comics) Little Prime

aka "I'm a soldier, not a leader"

aka the one who couldn't open The Matrix (and got blown to pieces by Galvatron)

aka (when the Autobots in the other ship are getting blown away by Galvatron) "I can't deal with that right now."

aka Rodimus Prime's second-in-command

Well, so this version of Ultra Magnus does have a lot to live up to when compared to Optimus Prime. But who doesn't? I guess he gets more flak because he looks exactly like Prime except he's white. And he resorts to wearing power armour that makes him look like this:

Hey, you would too if you looked liked Prime--the Decepticons would shoot you first and ask questions later. Then he'd be dead. Not because he's not a powerful robot, but because he really just falls short of Prime standard stats.

But while he may be considered a poor man's version of Prime in most incarnations, this Classics Universe toy of him certainly isn't.

Granted, he may just be a repaint of Universe/Henkei Prime, so there's really nothing to compare when it comes to poseability of even show/comic accuracy (if you don't count that he doesn't come with power armour). And aesthetically you may think "he's just white and a little blue." Well, that's what I thought. Until I busted him open and had a good look/play with him.

Magnus has got at least 7 different colours on him:

There's white and blue, black for the tires, fists and shins. There's red for his Autobot symbols, as well as a touch of yellow for his head lights. His bumper and grill are silver (and a nice shiny silver they are, though not chrome) and his hub caps are gold.

And as if this weren't enough, the gave him a rub symbol as well! And OMG the hub cabs!!!

Yup, his truck mode is especially sweet. Just gotta love the colours on him in this mode.

But what especially stood out for me was the light piping in his eyes. They're a nice bright blue and show up especially well against his white head and silver mouthpiece. And this is with no additional lighting, just my room ceiling light!

His light blue windshields also allow a clear view of the seats on the inside of his chest, adding to the great detail already on him.

The one area that could be improved on is the legs. His knee guards are not painted, something which I will try my hand at remedying (sooner, rather than later, I hope. ;P) The other place to improve would be to add detail/colour to his arms. Not a lot, just enough to "liven" things up.

I also don't mind that his gun is black. But it would look much better as smokestacks if it matched with his blue and white.

Oh and if you missed it, here's how I found him at a store.

Here's how I rate him:

Show/Comic Accuracy: 9/10 - He's White. He's Prime (Jr). I dig. Just wish they'd make an official power armour for him though. Love this one but it's too expensive!

Aesthetic: 9.5 - What a beaut! It though I would love Nemesis better but I sure am loving the subtle detail Magnus has to offer. Maybe it's just that I like white better in my clothes. Or maybe cuz I'm a good guy deep down inside. :P

Poseability: 9.5 - Same as Prime and Nemesis. There's hardly a thing I want this mold to do that it can't!

Overall: 9.33 - This guy pips Nemesis Prime by being the White Knight. I simply can't help but find more things to like about Ultra Magnus the more I play with him.

Now my circle of Primes is complete. Time for some power armour upgrades. ;)

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