Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Bat in Town

That's right folks, my DC Superheroes Series 3 Batman has arrived!

Oh boyoboyoboyoboyoboy! 21 points of articulation goodness!

7, yes 7 Batarangs!!!

And for the low, low price of what it would cost a DC Universe figure as well.

Ah, life is merry and full of joy!

Thing about this guy is that he way outdoes Zipline Batman, who has like 2 points of articultion (I kid, he's got 10), and can do what DC Universe Batman can do, but look better doing it.

I mean, look at those moves!

And look at those Christian Bale-like lips!

Or if Michael Keaton or Val Kilmer is your preference...

(Or if you even remember those two as Bats. Them and George Clooney. Some of us can't forget...)

And I mean, c'mon! Look at that Utility Belt!!! It's gotta be the best damn version of that thing on an action figure out there. How do you beat the wash and detail on something like that?

That's right, you don't...

You can't...

And you don't want to! :P

And though lots of people say his belt restricts his movement as opposed to DCSH Series 8 black and grey Bats, I feel (as does good ol' Cousin Byron) that it's really not that much of a difference.

So unless you're a die-hard black and grey get up Bat-fan, or you prefer 2 batarangs (+1 lame grappling gun) vs 7 batarangs, OR you prefer paying US$60-70 for black/grey instead of US$10 for this guy, then you SHOULD GET THIS FIGURE!!!

Ok so he may not be able to hold all his batarangs well or at all, but that's a problem that's easily remedied with an Exacto knife and a steady hand. ;)

But he still holds a few of them 'rangs pretty good:

And I mean, seriously, check out those moves!

Yeah and the best part of him being less popular than the black/grey version is not just the price, but also the availability. I had no problem locating him and having him shipped all the way from the States.

Here's how I rate ol' Bats:

Poseability: 9.5/10 - This guy can do all the real Batman can do, and then some. Yes, the belt may get in the way, but when it does, it does so only slightly. (And 7 Batarangs?! :])

Aesthetic: 9.5/10 - The blue is bright, but because it's washed it's got all sorts of dark and light shading going for it. The grey of his suit is also a nice, dark shade. It's dark enough so it ain't campy--and the bat on his chest is sculpted, then painted black. Makes for great texture. But it's the Utility Belt that I feel is the centrepiece of this figure. Very real size and scale to Bats, real nice metal buckle and buttons, great wash for the "stitching", overall looks worn-out just the right amount. One thing I don't fancy that much is the flesh tone of his face--it's a shade too light. But just a shade. Makes him look like he's wearing lipstick. But just a little.

Overall: 9.5/10 - Wow. Just wow. How they could release the DC Universe version of him with a new mold and the front of the mask painted black I just don't know. To me, this guy is the ultimate Batman.

And he knows it too! Check it out:


  1. Blue & Gray Batman would go well in a DC VS. MORTAL KOMBAT two-pack with Sub-Zero...if only Mattel was able to get the license for MORTAL KOMBAT action figures.

  2. Then again, the new Mortal Kombat figures are out. Pick up a Sub-Zero and put him up against whichever Batman you prefer and you can recreate all the awesome DC VS. MK battles you ever wanted. Or put the two of them up against The Joker and Captain Cold. Heh-heh.


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