Monday, June 15, 2009

A Free Con

No, I don't mean con as in swindle, but rather convention! Or as in Spore Con in Singapore this past weekend.

And yes, it was free. Yes, it was at a Community Centre. An HELL YES there was gaming!

Check out the action:

I tell ya what, people. This wasn't a Con of any significant size compared to any of the major Cons in the States, but it's the largest one we've got here in Singapore!

I think attendance was at 600 or so last year for a day-long event and this year seemed to be a little less lively (prob due to the credit crunch etc), but I do feel that at least the same amount have people have shown up at Choa Chu Kang Community Centre. It's just that they came over 2 days this time ;)

Yes, the Con has expanded to 2 days in it's second year. And here's hoping it'll grow larger to include not just gaming, but also have an exhibition/sales hall where all us nerds/geeks/dorks can get some trade/commerce going.

But the highlight of this year's event had to be our guest of honour, Mr. Eric Lang!

Who's that, you say? Well he's the creator/game designer of many a favourite, well...board/card game including A Game of Thrones LCG & CCG, Call of Cthulu LCG & CCG, and the World of Warcraft the board game, among many others. He works for Fantasy Flight Games. Just check on that FFG game you own! His name could be right there!

Here he is (in blue) playing/schooling everyone else in his very own Cosmic Encounter.

Right there he's telling the rest: "Yeah, you could do that." But in his mind he's going: "You ain't gonna beat me no matter what you do--I designed the friggin' game for heaven's sake. (smirk) Just take your turn already."

Just kidding Eric. ;) But I'll tell you what--Mr. Lang's a real solid guy. As far as gamers/game designers go, he's the most patient and nicest fella you could have teaching you how to play.

Oh and if you ever, ever, want to beat him at a game, don't pick one he designed. I learned that the hard way at GenCon Indy 2003 when he schooled me in A Game of Thrones CCG and then signed my promo card, "Sorry I had to kick your (arrow pointing to cad art of butt)."

Yep. Real nice fella... :P

Well it wasn't a big venue for a Con like I mentioned before, just one hall, but there was some nice CCG and Miniature Wargaming action going on, as well as some nice models/minis:

That's Warhammer 40k, a miniature war game.

And what Con is complete without the good ol' get along game of Dungeons and Dragons? :) Check out the size of the gargantuan dragon. :P

Here's an X-Wing built from WH 40k model parts. Neat.

And here's one for all you Transformers fans:

It's Orktimus Prime! (And I hear he's fully transformable too. :])

And of course, no Con is complete without free swag, even it's a couple of dice! (Hey, the Con was FREE! :P)

I have to say, despite limited resources and plenty of spacial and commercial constraints, Damian, Donkye and gang from Paradigm Infinitum did a wonderful job of organizing Spore. I might have missed out last year, and I almost missed out this year, but I'm sure gonna be there next year. :)

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