Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Man Who Killed the Bat

That's right, someone actually managed to kill Batman, the one hero who has NEVER died in all of DC comic history. Until now.

And this is his killer:

Who's that, you ask? Well it's Darkseid. Ruler and Dark God of Apokolips. Hence his king-like pose.

How was Batman killed, you ask? Was it Darkseid's super poseable 20 points of articulation? Nah. He's not that poseable. In fact, he deosn't have the ab crunch joint most of the other figures in the DC Superhero line possess. And his lil' skirt-thingy gets in the way of his otherwise 3-way hip joint, which would have allowed his legs to pose every which way.

Was it his massive size and girth? Well, no. But he is taller than all the other figures I have, including Mongul. He does match up well in size compared to the rest of this line, and that means DC Universe figures too.

Was it this remote control thingy that comes with packaged with him? Nah that's not it. That's a Mother Box, which allows him to open boom tubes for interstellar travel/telepertation.

Fits in his hand nicely, too.

And Bats definitely didn't die by looking at Darkseid's ugly, but very nicely sculpted and detailed face.

What was that? The miniskirt and the GoGo boots are what put down the Bat, you say?

Surely not! Though it probably came close...

Ok ok, I'll tell you how Batman got himself killed:

Superman and Darkseid were locked in fierce combat.

And Batman, in his usual smart-alecky way, arrived to help

Having cut off Darkseid's exit route by knocking the Mother Box outta his hand...

That's according to Superman. And who doesn't believe the Big Blue Boy Scout?

But I tell ya, this is how it really went down...

Gotta love it. :)

And gotta love this figure too.

Poseability: 8.0 - He can achieve all his classic poses. But barely in the case of his most famous hands behind his back pose. Also his skirt gets in the way of his classic wide stance, and prevents him from most non "stance" poses. Shoulders also can't rotate all the way--they're hindered by his large shoulder muscles.

Aesthetic: 9.5 - This is where this figure scores. His head is really well detailed and he looks foreboding in his dark blue outfit and zombie grey skin. Bulky and huge as he should be, and he comes with a Mother Box! Very nice touch. ;)

Overall: 8.75 - Great figure. I just wish they didn't limit his movement with a one piece skirt!


  1. LOL. Your reviews are terrific!

  2. Thanks, bro. Glad you enjoyed it. ;)

    More to come! :D

  3. I'm glad I was able to snag this and not have to worry about the later DCUC Build-a-figure Darkseid. This one will do juuuust fine.

    1. Agreed! After having put the BAF one together, I'm really bothered by its size. I do really like the matte finish it has though. But this one for $9.98 at TRU? Just fine like you say! ;)


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